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Green Team



Join our Green team at Fairview High School! We believe in helping our community become a better place! 


Things that are new this year with the Green Team is that we have started a new recycling program in our cafeteria. There are three Bins Recycle, compost, and landfill. The recycle bin is for anything you can recycle like plastics, paper, aluminum, glass, cardboard, and pretty much anything that has a recycling symbol and number on it. The compost bin is for any fruit and veggies, so when students throw out their lunches they can place those items here. The last bin is the landfill bin which is basically everything else! Green Team has made a huge effort in making this system work and a BIG thanks to Mrs. Daley our Advisor. 


The Funding Factory is way to help us get money! Every organization needs money to run ours is done by collecting old ink cartridges, cellphones,Mp3 players, Digital Cameras, GPS devices, and even Laptops. Please help support the Fairview Green Team by donating these items into our bins placed around the school! THANK YOU!

Compost Project:

The compost project is also something new to Fairview this year. Members of The Green Team collect the compost out of the bins in the cafeteria and take them to basement where they are placed into another bin which is then turned and turned till It's well COMPOST! 

Recycling Bins:

Green Team will also be collecting the Recycling bins throughout the school at the end of each school day and taking them to the recycling dumpster. Thanks to all your hard work Green Team to keeping our school and planet GREEN!

Recycling in our township! 

We are doing a great job with here at the high school...recycling! According to our maintenance department, our recycling dumpsters are over flowing! We've been recycling more than ever before. There is a recycle bin next to every trash can in the building. Please continue to use them!

Remember you can recycle more than just paper, you can also recycle plastic, aluminum, glass, cardboard, and pretty much anything that has the recycling symbol and a number printed on it. 

One place that we need to work on recycling is in the cafeteria. Please dump out your liquids in the provided bins and recycle your bottles. No food in the recycling bins please!

We do a great job here the school, but do you recycle at home? Start your own recycling program at home and spread awareness to your family and friends!

Check out this information on Recycling in our Community!


ADVISOR: Mrs. Daley


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